Seilor´s plate 12,50€/17,50 €

Crayfish, cold smoked salmon, marinated cucumbers, dill créme, marinated red onion, soaked tomatoes, rocket, lemon and dried flat bread.

Landlubber´s plate 12,50€ / 17,50€

Salami, parma ham, goat cheese, cantaloupe melon, olived, marinated red onion, soaked tomatoes, "devils chutney", balsamico and dried flat bread

Breadbasket  4,50€

Archipelago bread, thin flat bread and butter for 2 persons

 The smaller plate is ideal as a starter for 1 person and the bigger for 2 persons of more


Ceasar salad 16,20€

Salads, croutons, parmesan cheese and Ceasar sauce

With chicken or with crayfish

Goat cheese salad  15,90€

Salads, goat cheese, strawberries, marinated cucumbers, pine seeds and balsamico


Commodor´s burger 19,20€

Fried salmon, marinated red onion, wasabi mayonnaise, rocket and country style french fries

Sailing Master´s burger  18,90€

Hamburger patty 200g, smoked cheese, tomato, marinated red onion, rocket, chili mayonnaise and country style fries

Optar´s Burger  15,90€

120g hamburger patty, cheddar cheese, tomato, marinated red onion, dressing and country style fries

We use brioche buns in hamburgers. Ask for gluten free option from the waiter.


Bacon  2,50€

Cheese  1,90€

Blue cheese  2,30€


Aioli  1,90€

Wasabi mayo 1,90€

Chili mayo 1,90€



Traditional salmon soup  15.90€

Creamy salmon soup served with archipelado bread

Salmon a la Pursiseura  26,50€

Fried salmon, new potatoes, melted butter, spring onion, seasonal vegetables and lemon

Fish & Chips  18,50€

Vendaces, country style french fries, dill crème and lemon

Chicken & Parma  25,90€

Chicken breast fillet 150g, parma ham, fresh pineapple, seasonal vegetables, chili-hollandaise sauce and country style french fries

Whiskey pork & garlic  26,20€

Caramelized whisky pork, creamy sauce, roasted garlic, seasonal vegetables, bacon chips and potatoes

O´hoi Seilor- STEAK!  29,90€

Blue cheese gratinated sirloin steak 200g, creamy whiskysauce, seasonal vegetables, garlic and potatoes

Surf & Turf 34,50€

Naudan ulkofileepihvi 200g, chilivalkosipulivoissa tiristettyja jättikatkarapuja, parmesanilla

Sirloin steak 200g, chili-aiolibutter stripped prawns, parmesan gratinated country style fries, seasonal vegetables and smokes paprika mayonnaise


Maininki  17,90€

Cold smoked salmon, mozzarella cheese, marinated cucumbers and dill créme

Skagen "Blonde" Premium!  22,50€

Sour cream, mozzarella, cold smoked salmon, crayfish, rainbow trout roe, marinated red onion, dill créme and lemon

Course Kemi 17,50€

Chicken, blue cheese, melon and marinated red onion

Saalinki  18,50€

Cold smoked reindeer, bread cheese, peach and marinated red onion

Fokka  19,00€

Salami,crispy bacon, parma ham, parmesan cheese and "devil´s chutney"

Spinaakkeri  18,50€

Fillet of beed, pulled pork, hollandaise sauce and marinated red onion

Botnia Eskader 16,40 €

Smoked ham, blue cheese and fresh pineapple

Kutteri 16,20€

Goat cheese, fresh strawberries, pine seeds and balsamico syrup

Buuki 16,20€

Roasted tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, marinated red onion, sour cream and pesto

All pizzas include tomato sauce, cheese and rocket.

Change of filling/ halving  + 2,00€

All pizzas can be made gluten free on request + 2,50€


Italian style gelato ice cream  4,20€ / scoop

Captain´s Pavlova  8,70€

Fresh berries, meringue, nut crumble and lemon flavoured mascarpone mousse