Restaurant Pursiseura is located by beautiful Bothnia Bay cost line in Kemi towns inner harbour. There You can enjoy juicy steaks, gourmet pizzas and fish delicacies from ice buffet.

Sailing history in Kemi is quite old. First sailing club was founded in 1905 and this sailing clubs restaurant building was build in 1985. Restaurant has served sailors and locals now over 30 years. History of sailing is seen in decorations and in the menu you can find different kind of fish delicacies be accompanied with juicy steaks, burgers and gourmet pizzas. Steaks are made in the charcoal oven which gives the steak slightly smoked taste and keeps the steak juicy inside.

We are open daily on summertime. If You wish to have more information please contact our sales department.

Restaurant Pursiseura
Rantabulevardi 11, 94100 Kemi

Sales deparment contact information: or +358 (0)40 6853 556